Conquer your dreams
and your student debt.

Central Piedmont students save an average of $41,000 over two years, compared to four year schools.


Conquer Possibility

At Central Piedmont, possibility doesn’t think outside the box. It aims to build a better one. Changing the idea of what a college experience should be. Here, possibility isn’t just what if, it’s what’s next. Together, we conquer possibility.


Average savings over two years, compared to four-year schools


Average student to teacher ratio


Professional pathways to get students real-world ready


Provided in scholarships per year

Possibility powers everything

Central Piedmont’s vision is to be a champion of students, a catalyst for opportunity, and an exceptional provider of learning experiences that transform lives and strengthen our community.

Why Central Piedmont

Possibility sees beyond what is, to what could be.

Since its beginning, Central Piedmont has been an innovative national leader among two-year institutions. College alumni include a Pulitzer Prize winner, a Metropolitan Opera star, an Olympic gold medalist, a Congressional Medal of Honor winner, a television actor, and a pro football player.

Countless others – chefs, healthcare providers, technicians, real estate brokers, paralegals, firefighters, teachers, law enforcement officers, trades people, engineers, artists, and others who serve our community – share Central Piedmont’s proud tradition.

Our programs

Possibility thinks college work should lead to real work.

Whatever educational journey or career path you are embarking upon, we can get you there. Choose from nearly 300 programs in 12 career fields with more than 55 professional pathways. Our classes are designed for close-knit learning with a 19:1 average student to teacher ratio. You’ll learn from faculty with real-world working knowledge and a hands-on experiential approach. Our partnerships with more than 800 companies enable a wide range of workplace internships and apprenticeships. You can also choose from hundreds of online classes and continuing education programs to prepare for your next step.


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Student Life

Possibility lives beyond the classroom.

At Central Piedmont, your education is more than what you learn in class. The options for getting involved are endless. Find a club to join, talk to the Student Life representative on your campus to join our Student Government Association, attend an event, or get involved at your campus. Central Piedmont has more than 70 clubs and organizations to choose from, as well as honor societies, fitness and recreation, service learning, and leadership opportunities.

Our locations

Possibility is both studious and industrious.

We have Mecklenburg County covered. With six campuses and a variety of other locations, Central Piedmont is right in your backyard.

We offer students a variety of student services across each location. Most general education/core classes may be taken at any campus, while many program curriculum courses are offered only at certain locations.

Your Future

And your finances.

In the past 10 years, college tuition has increased 30% for public institutions and 25% for private universities in the United States (SOURCE). If you’re interested in saving an average of $41,000 on tuition and receiving an excellent education, consider Central Piedmont. We offer nearly 300 programs in high-demand fields, plus guaranteed placement at a UNC System university.

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